Every success story shares a common thread– People. Our success depends on the connections we make. When you make use of partner opportunities, you are helping to create enriching projects for yourself and our community. I’m really looking forward to partnering with you to create and offer amazing resources.

Based in Columbia, SC, Trinichi Unltd. features businesses, events, and info from the surrounding metro areas and across the interwebs. Share your company or event an d interact with an online community that is culturally aware and wholistically centered.

  • Trinichi’s Newsletter. Social Media is great. But it’s so easy to miss our awesome posts. The subscription gets you monthly updates and helps continue to bring enriching resources through TU.
  • Amethyst Reign, the central blog, features professional profiles, event coverage, and info. Be a Creative Contributor by sending story ideas, press releases, etc.
  • Siri Soko means Secret Market in Swahili. Trinichi Unltd’s Siri Soko is an at your fingertips, online, categorically searchable marketplace that connects consumers with businesses that complement their lifestyle. The secret to living a fulfilled life is a purposeful journey. Siri Soko is the traveler’s oasis. Inquire for deadlines to reserve your space
  • Events– Whether it’s entertainment, seminars, expos, online or offline, share your event with an audience who is all about making the most of this experience called Life. Inquire for deadlines to reserve your space.


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