Every success story shares a common thread– People. Our success depends on the connections we make. I’m really looking forward to partnering with you to bring great resources to the community.

Share your company or event with an online community in love with living life well and to the fullest extent. TU offers several ways to reach your audience.

  • The central blog is Amethyst Reign, featuring profiles, events, and info. Be a Creative Contributor by sending story ideas, press releases, etc.
  • Siri Soko means Secret Market in Swahili. Trinichi Unltd’s Siri Soko is a categorically searchable directory of high quality companies, products, and services. Instead of sidelining your promotional info against an article or some other “main content”, Siri Soko allows your company to be the main attraction.  The secret to living a fulfilled life is a purposeful journey. Siri Soko is the traveler’s oasis.
  • Events– Whether it’s entertainment, seminars, expos, online or offline, share your event with an audience who is all about making the most of this experience called Life.


For more info on any of these promotional options, contact TU.

Trinichi Unltd: “It’s a wonderful becoming”.



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