Poet, Sherrie QueensMind Jenkins

I’ve recently taken notice of this divinely talented sistar’s work. She is the type of poet whose words reach right up through to speak to your inner most being. Her no nonsense, unapologetically Black-centric speak may be an acquired taste for some. I think it’s one of the things that gives her pieces their fire. Whether you agree with her or not, she’ll definitely spark some thoughts.  Here’s a sample. See more at Speaking Poetry In Truth SPIT


Never Be U

Each atom
Each particle of your DNA
Each cell that hold
The star dust
Of your existence
The unique structure
Of your blood
That pumps through
Your heart

Their will never be another u
U who shines
The way u do
Distant relative
To the SUN
reflection of my orange moon
Love is u

The air u breathe
I’m thankful
See every breath
U take
is a blessing to me
To just be able to say hi
And hear your voice
Say it back

Each other u see
The bond between us
Can not be broken

With each verbal description
From your constructed diction
Gives me the depiction
Of your deepest emotions
Your words sooth
Like lotion

Their could never be another u
See u have a magnificent way about u
A majestic style
That drives my inner emotions wild
See now I’m under your spell
Kiss and tell
I want the world to know
Your my King
I am your Queen

See their could never be another u
U have a beautiful intelligence about u
A wise lovely spirit
Your soul graciously
Calls out to me
I feel your body calling

I’m coming
Just open your arms
I’ve been waiting all life long
Hope nothing ever goes wrong
U are the lyrics to my love songI spit bars & bars
Just to say how
Their could never
Be another uSee u are gentle as a cool breeze
All I speak,
I see, when I close my eyes at night
I feel u brush across my skin
Meditating on us celebrating
Our first encounter
Out of many
My love for u it will be many
Igwe I love the way u have
Taken over the thoughts
Of my heart
Now this heart
Speaks to every part of my being
Thoughts of being together
With u
For their could
never be another u

One of a kind look
that not to many see

Special to me my King
Please your majesty
Let’s seal the ring
See I know your worth
It’s more then all the worlds
Precious gems
The others can’t contend
U r the greatest
My world famousI’m elated to have the privilege
Of the company
Of a man so mighty
I would declare
He moves mountains
With his bare hands
His power can disrupt
The seas
Taller then the grandest trees
Power as a tornado
Blasting freeze
Light a bolt of lightening
Glorious to me
See I see u as a force of nature
SplendidThis not just the work of a pen
Or an INK spill
This is a worship to u
I adore u
Straight down to the coreThe wonder
Even the danger of u
Has me enchanted by u
Maybe it’s an idea of u
But in my heart
That idea is true
I will always love the u
That u shared with me
Their will never be another U!
Written by:Sherrie QueensMind

Liza Nicole

Liza Nicole Epps is owner of Trinichi Unltd., LLC. She is a mother of 2 and lover of art, culture, and history.

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