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Karena Dykes aka KD the Extension is a motivational speaker bringing heart and soul to her mission of helping leaders and visionaries close the gap between potential and purpose.

Starting her career in human services and homeless advocacy, Karena has found another level of her purpose in helping aspiring & established entrepreneurs reach their goals and stay motivated throughout their journeys. Her approach is two-fold, focusing on business strategy as much as pouring into the person who is giving their all to reach their highest potential.

Following is my interview with Karena, discussing her personal journey & Power Push brand of motivation.

Learn more about her this week at her Follow Up event on Saturday June 24, 2017. Connect with KD the Extension on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Also, visit theextension.net

More event details here: http://trinichi.com/event/the-follow-up-summit-2017/



*please pardon my lackluster voice. Due to technical difficulties I was forced to step out of my “print only” comfort zone and post the audio of our interview. .

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