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It All Starts with Me: A new book by TiffanyJ

Tiffany J wrote a book, y’all! If it’s anything near as dynamic and inspiring as it’s author, it’s sure to be one of this year’s must reads. I’ve been following the career of this ambitious young woman for years. She has blazed an impressive trail in Cola City entertainment. From headlining shows with one of the strongest voices this area has heard, to hosting her own talk show, to being on the creative board for Columbia’s Black Expo, to spearheading her own charitable organization for young ladies, it don’t stop with this young mogul. Now, we can add ‘author’ to her long list of accolades. Tiffany J is a real powerhouse and this is just tip of the iceberg. Amazingly, she does it all while battling with inner turmoil.

Fortunately, she’s made it easy to get to know her a little better with her new book, “It All Starts with Me: An Interactive Guide to Discovering Self & Loving It”. The cathartic work reveals the highs and lows of being Tiffany J and offers a guide to help others win against the demons in their lives.

The following is excerpted from her FB page TiffanyJ

“I’ll never forget the day my desired ending became my beginning.”
OFFICIAL BOOK TRAILER for my first book “It All Starts With Me: An Interactive Guide To Discovering Self & Loving It”! Pre-Order now at
Book AND song will be available Tuesday, August 15 and you are invited to celebrate the release with my at the It All Starts With Me: Book Launch & Soirée on Saturday, August 19. I’d love your support.

Director: Cory John of A Cory John Story
Director of Photography: Director Paul Fant of Pablo Productions
Lead Actress: Kaila Symone Crowder
Supporting Cast: Jamie Henderson, Peggy Logan, Te’Asia Davis, Taylor Boy Supreme, D Aston Davis, Veronzo Hurd, Keonta Cobbs, Laura Lee Dufresne Houle
TiffanyJ’s Makeup: BeatbyMookie
On set Cast Makeup: Mischa Elise
Song Co-Produced by: E Devon Goodwin
Recorded & Mixed by Eric McCoy of Archer Avenue Studio



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