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In my teenage years, I was approached by some young brothers who invited me to question everything in my surroundings. May peace be upon them. With phrases like, “Know the Ledge”, they opened a world to me beyond the illusions of the daily doldrums. One of the 1st things they told me was that the word GOD is an acronym for the Greek words Gumar/Wisdom, Oz/Strength, Dubar/Beauty.

So overwhelmed by the wealth of knowledge they offered to me, it was years later before I got around to completely researching it all for myself. Though much of what they told me was right and exact, this GOD acronym was just slightly off. For starters, through various readings, I sort of stumbled upon the fact that the Greek word for wisdom is sophia. That is where we get “philosophy” – love of wisdom.

So, was there any merit to the rest of what they told me in this regard? I truly wanted it to be as I’d begun to associate the word God with perfect Wisdom, perfect Strength, and perfect Beauty. In my daily life, my strive was to perfect myself in all of these areas so that I might live in my highest potential of godliness. What if the ideal that I was building my life around was at best only a half truth and at worst just a fairy┬átale. I researched…

What I found is that they were nearly right.
The words are Hebrew, not Greek. The translations are loose and I’d say more mystic than plain. And rather than a traditional religion, the ideal is closely associated with the Freemasons.

Gamar is from the Old Testament Hebrew lexicon and for the purposes of this topic is loosely translated as ‘the end or completion’. Instead of being the word for wisdom, it is actually more likely the word for beauty as in flawless/complete. This is said to be a trick of the Freemasons – to say the translation out of order. The G also is itself simply the initial for God. God is perfection. God is the master architect. ‘G’eometry is what the master builder uses to create the perfect/beautiful/flawless structure.

In hindsight, it actually makes sense that Beauty or Completion should come first. In our strive toward fulfillment, isn’t it always the end that we seek from the beginning? From perfection we come and to perfection we shall return. We move in each moment and in each season from completion to completion, from thought to revelation.

Oz simply means strength or power; fortitude. physical, mental, political, spiritual, etc. Further, the Phoenicians and ,less frequently, the Hebrew language depicted the letter O with the symbol of an eye. The eye, particularly the 3rd eye, is often considered with wisdom. However, in order for the eye to see clearly, it must be strong and unobstructed. Unbroken, like a circle. In this life, we use our faculties, our fortitude, our circles to maneuver through and attain our vision of perfection.

Dabar means word or talk, more specifically, Divine Word or Divine Talk. Naturally, we can see how the word can be simmered down to mean wisdom. Also, quite fittingly, the letter D in Hebrew is symbolized as “the door of life”. Whether it’s by the air we breath or the words we speak, the mouth is often the piece that brings abundance to or cuts short our essence. Through All we discover and act in the wisdom that is born within us. We are never without wisdom. Only through each turn of the spiral of life we must learn to apply the knowledge already within us. Acting in knowledge is wisdom.

D = DABAR = Wisdom
O = OZ = Strength
G = Gamar = Beauty

The above translation is what we say– Wisdom, Strength, Beauty. But when the Hebrew is spoken, we say Gamar, Oz, Dubar. How does this reversal happen? Most likely, it’s due to the fact that Hebrew is read from right to left. An innocent mistake.

This acronym has always stuck with me and spoken to me because it is the best definition t I can imagine for the essence we call God to be. Beautiful & Complete, whether awful or pleasant. Strong, though not aggressive. Wise, though the path tends to zig and zag from left to right.



To learn more, visit this site that made the definitions very plain to me. I cross referenced it with several others that confirmed what it contains but found this one to be the most succinct.

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Liza Nicole

Liza Nicole Epps is owner of Trinichi Unltd., LLC. She is a mother of 2 and lover of art, culture, and history.

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