Believers and Achievers Awards Banquet

Originally written in December 2016
On Saturday, Believers and Achievers of Fairfield County hosted their 1st Awards Banquet at the Fairfield County Recreation Center. The organization’s president, Darreyl Davis, Sr., describes the members as “a unique group of citizens who saw a need … to support the youth of Fairfield County by providing positive activities, events, and programs that will directly impact their quality of life”.
The organization has been growing in scope and membership for the past several years and this year’s banquet was a brilliant milestone along their path. Davis, who only spoke briefly during the event, allowing other speakers and performers to shine, alluded to previous years when awards were given out at fish fry and car wash fund raisers.
The night began with a soulful rendering of ‘His Eye is own the Sparrow’ by Erica Bouknight-Cloud. The evening was full of entertainment including dance tunes from the DJ to artist David Psalms and gospel/hip hop group The Compound whose members include Believers and Achievers Vice President, Keeon Watkins, James, & Matthew.
Along with keeping everyone entertained with Fairfield County’s own talent, host, Albertha Woodard, kept the evening flowing with an illustrious roster of speakers. Attendees were led in prayer by Minister Goines who reminded all to give thanks for the caring hearts and minds who helped make a night like the one being celebrated possible through their commitment. Reverend T. A. Belton of Zion Pilgrim Baptist Church rounded out the night, reminding the audience that “we need each other”, a sentiment embodied by the spirit of Believers and Achievers.
Finally, awards were presented to members of the community who have been instrumental in assisting Believers and Achievers in realizing their goals toward uplifting Fairfield County’s youth. Awardees include: Councilman Smith, Sheriff Will Montgomery, Susan Evans, Justin Spiegel, William McCutchen, Raymond “Stingray Fowler”, Danny Miller, Bobbi Jackson, Anne Gadson, Rev T. A. Belton, The Compound, David Psalms, Lashonda Trapp, Erica Bouknight, Ms. Jackie, and Darreyl Davis

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