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William Hunt is a Bronx, NY based artist specializing in Urban Ethnic Art. He caught the art bug early, drawing graffiti and comic book characters in elementary school. William began his career as an artist in earnest in 1999 and began exhibiting in 2002. Among the places he’s exhibited are: Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center, Countee Cullen Library, The Manhattan Borough President’s Office, American Association Of University Women Art Show, and the Morgan P & DC and JAF Post Offices (largest post office in New York City).

I spoke with William recently about his artwork and career as an artist. I found him to be an extremely humble and talented soul.

Liza Nicole: Your works are so charismatic. From where do you draw your inspiration? Why do you create this type of art?

William Hunt: My inspiration comes from faces of everyday people, especially African-American people. Our unique features, and hair textures, inspire me. I love watching people and making mental notes of our lips, noses, and hair, this makes it easy for me to draw and create faces without using visual references or models. My main goal is to show our people in a positive light, with a creative twist.

LN: What are some of the pros and cons of being an artist in your genre?

WH: The pros of being an artist the freedom of expression, being able to share your creativity and talent, also the feedback you get from people, seeing a person smile from a distance while looking at your work at an exhibit is one of the best things an artist can experience.
I think one of the main cons is not being able to make enough money as an artist to support yourself, in this economy its hard for a person to spend $500 on a piece of artwork, that’s one of the reasons I started putting some of my work on clothes, its more affordable.

LN: Do you do graphic design for hire?

WH: For about 3 years I been doing light graphic design work, logos, a couple of book covers, designs for start-up clothing lines, CD covers, and other artwork.

LN: What are you working on right now?

WH: Right now, I’m currently working to push my clothing line Hunt 4 Designs and creating more graphic designs for it, and still doing graphic work for other people, I’m also planning to do a solo show some time next year and I will combine my artwork and clothing in that exhibit.


The featured image on this post as well as the following are examples of William’s work. According to William, most of his art is done with charcoal but about a third is pastel. Yeah, it isn’t computer genereated, he drew these.

WH braiding hair


wh- art3

For more info about William Hunt original artwork and prints, contact the artist at For clothing bearing his artwork, go to or visit Hunt 4 Designs on Facebook.

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