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Okodee Mmowere | Eagle Talon | Adinkra Collection

Okodee Mmowere. Adinkra Collection by Liza Nicole. (o-ko-dee m-mo-wear-eh) "The Talons of the Eagle" Akan Aadinkra of Strength, Bravery, Power, & Unity. The mightiest bird in the sky, much of the Eagle's strength is concentrated in its talons. The design

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Nyame Ye Ohene | God is King | Unisex | Adinkra Collection

God is King. Nyame Ye Ohene. Adinkra Collection by Liza Nicole. Akan Adinkra of the Majesty and Supremacy of God. This adinkra combines the Gye Nyame, a symbol of the Omnipotence, Omnipresence, & Immortality of God with a Black Sun

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G. O. D. Tee | Men

This design hangs like a medallion featuring the Hebrew words Gamar/Beauty, Oz/Strength, Dabar/Wisdom that form the acronym for 'GOD'. Striving toward the mystic attributes of perfect Beauty, perfect Strength, and perfect Wisdom brings one closer to realizing one's highest potential

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