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  • Being Part of a Resource that helps shoppers and event goers find exactly they products, services, and events they're looking for right when they need them.
  • Building your bank of good will as a supporter of resources that Give Back to the community.


  • Connecting with and Contributing to a group of Culturally Aware, Wholistically Centered individuals and organizations

About Trinichi Unltd.

TU is a prolific, provocative lifestyle brand with cultural and esoteric undertones offering rich resources for modern wholistic living.


Info, Shopping, and Experiences feature topics of travel, business, arts, food, culture, relationships, health, beauty– everything visitors need to live their best life.


Based near Columbia, SC, the company is for the culturally aware and wholistically centered. We feature independent artists, businesses, and thought found locally, in surrounding metros, and across the web.

Become a Promotional Partner
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  • Inclusion in shopping and event guides via Siri Soko and Events pages on


  • Business Profiles, Product Reviews, & Event Coverage via Amethyst Reign | Blog on


  • Newsletter, Social Media, Video and Event sponsorships


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