IT’S A WONDERFUL BECOMING. That statement sums up the Trinichi Unltd. (TU) philosophy. It reminds us to live in the now while creating the future

TU is a prolific, provocative lifestyle brand with..

That used to be the beginning of the intro for this company. The fact is that I was attempting to seem bigger than I really am. I am one person. Occasionally, I connect with others that can help me do things that would be impossible on my own. My super power is listening to people and helping them find what they need- clients, resources.. Siri Soko, for example, is the shopping interface born out of speaking with consumers who are looking for products that fit a lifestyle that isn’t always easy to accommodate. I focus on well living. Through Siri Soko, I connect people with businesses and orgs that help them live the lifestyle they choose. Collections by LNE allows me to express and share my own creativity. And the list goes on. Take a look around. Let me know what you think. XO ~Liza Nicole Features

Amethyst Reign | Blog. Explore ideas, events, & personalities that enlighten and inspire.

Collections by LNE is a boutique collection of Trinichi owner, Liza Nicole’s, creations.

Siri Soko means Secret Market in Swahili. The secret to living a fulfilled life is a purposeful journey. Siri Soko is the traveler’s oasis. This marketplace helps you, the eclectic, socially conscious shopper, find the gifts and services you need to live your best life.

Events Stay connected with experiences that speak to you. Indulge your curiosities. Expand your horizons. Add some substance to time.

Trinichi TV is a space for enjoying some of the most entertaining, inspiring videos on the web.


People always ask me about the name– Trinichi Unltd.

Tri and Nia are my two vivacious daughters. Like children, we all require the proper nourishment to grow into the people we are to become in this lifetime.

Chi or Qi is a Chinese term referring to life energy. We each, consciously or subconsciously, make calculated steps through the ebbs and flows of life.

Unlimited suggests we must take all things in our surroundings and make the best use of them. Separate the wheat from the chaff, the essential from the nonessential.


A Quick Bio

I’m Liza Nicole, owner and creative director of all things Trinichi Unltd.  I love learning and good music, world cultures, the Arts. I’m a mother, a world citizen, a universal being, a country girl. I’m perfectly imperfect. I’m all that- and more than I can say. This site, this company, is one of my expressions of who I am and who I am becoming.

Since my childhood, I’ve wanted to own a bookstore and outlet for good news- things that guide us toward the best this beautiful life has to offer. It’s no surprise that my professional background is in print media where I’ve worked in every aspect of the industry for over a decade. I’ve lived life. I’ve taken a winding road to where I am now. Through ups and downs, struggles and triumphs, overcoming wolves in sheep’s clothing, and being uplifted by blessings in disguise, I’ve made it here. Wiser. Stronger. Beautiful.

Trinichi Unltd. is my way of realizing my childhood dream of striving toward greatness. Together, we will indulge our passions for learning and creating. We’ll invite and encourage others along their paths. Though our focus is on the positive, we will embrace the good, the bad, and the unattractive that makes us real and through it reveal our best. Through TU, we will give this world what is in us to give and define our legacy.


Liza Nicole

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